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Hunting, Fishing and Riding


Steven Cote is originally from Kissimmee, Florida. This is where he spent 37 years, growing up and making lifelong friendships. Kissimmee is a place that Steven really enjoys because he considers it a place he can always go back to and feel right at home. The thing he enjoys most about Florida is the friendships he made along the way.

Steven has worked as a Boilermaker his entire adult life. This is what introduced him to West Virginia in 1999. He spent a lot of time at the Mitchel plant in Moundsville, WV before settling down in Ravenswood. Coming to this area was beneficial to Steven because there was a lot of opportunity. He had the luxury of working at several different worksites over the years. Being a boilermaker makes for a life on the road, and that is what Steven became accustomed to. He even traveled to Canada and spent some time working there.


Since coming to West Virginia for work almost 19 years ago, Steven has built some relationships here as well. He spends some of his time working with his friend to cut wood. This is just something that he does in his free time to help his friend out. Steven enjoys building fences when he has the time. His work has become quite popular over the years, which has led him to building fences for people in the community. He is very proud of his work and loves to help make his community a better place. Staying busy and spending time with friends is something that Steven looks forward to.

Steven has always enjoyed taking time for himself and doing the things that he loves. Some of those things include hunting, fishing, and riding his Harley motorcycle. All of these hobbies have been more of a focus since his retirement in 2015. He has been able to take fishing trips with his friends, one of which was to Lake Erie last summer. There were a total of eight people that were able to make the trip. Between work, building fences, hunting and fishing, Steven started to feel the physical impact on his body. October of this year, Steven started to feel some discomfort in his leg and was having trouble walking and sitting down. He couldn’t even find a comfortable position to lie down. Steven said, “I couldn’t do anything without being in pain. The pain went down my left leg and hurt 24/7.”

With the pain being overwhelming at times, he wanted to try something that might help alleviate the problem. He tried steroid shots, but they only provided minimal relief for one to two days. This was not working for Steven so he knew that he would have to try something else. He was referred to PARS Brain & Spine Institute to see Dr. Khosrovi. HK, as most patients call him, ordered some scans and tests for Steven that would help pinpoint the problem. Dr. HK reviewed the test results and informed Steven that he would benefit from a lumbar procedure to repair herniated discs. Steven did not waste much time in deciding to go ahead and have the surgery. After the failed attempts of steroid shots, he wanted to fix the problem in his back. Steven was able to see the benefits of the surgery pretty quickly. “The next day I noticed results from the surgery. I didn’t have the pain in my leg anymore.”


There were a couple of reasons that Steven chose PARS for his care. After the steroid shots did not work for him as a long-term solution, he was referred to PARS by his doctor. Steven also said, “I have a friend that works at PARS and they gave a great recommendation about the care they provide.” He was very happy with the procedure and couldn’t wait to get started on his recovery.

Steven is looking forward to making his trips to Florida in the coming months to fish, hunt and ride his Harley. “This is going to help me be well enough to do the things I enjoy.” Steven realized that he was in pain and he chose to receive his care at PARS Brain & Spine Institute.



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