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11 days made the difference

James Harvey was born and raised in McAlester, Oklahoma. James has enjoyed a successful career in the oil and gas industry and relocated to Marietta, Ohio for his current position as a drilling consultant and superintendent. Since 2014, James has been an active member of the Mid-Ohio valley community along with his wife and 2 year old daughter.


Community is something that is important to James and his family. James serves on the Appalachian Board for the American Association of Drilling Engineers. This board is a non-profit, volunteer group. They host annual meetings and luncheons to help educate people. Last year, the organization helped raise funds for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. James and his group also provided assistance to some individuals who were pursuing a degree in petroleum engineering. This group supports a number of different charities within the community. James also enjoys spending time on the golf course and archery hunting. These are two of his favorite hobbies, outside of work.


In August of 2018, James started to feel some discomfort in his leg. This pain was shooting down his left hip and into his leg. There was some numbness in those areas of his body as well. James realized that he needed to get this problem looked at when his left leg continued to weaken over a span of nearly 5 months. James went to First Settlement Orthopaedics in January and after having an MRI they referred him to the PARS Brain & Spine Institute.

“I came in on a Monday and was seen by the Nurse Practitioner and she brought the PARS Surgeon back and went over everything with me. You could tell that the team at PARS knew what they were doing"


After an in depth discussion of his treatment options with the surgeon, James decided to pursue surgery. One week after his initial consultation, James underwent a disc repair of his L5-S1 vertebrae.

"Four days after surgery, I could move and walk pretty well. The pain was subsiding. Ten days, post-op at my follow up with PARS, I was able to get up the stairs and walking quite easily and I was back to work just eleven days after my procedure. Being back to work just eleven days, post-op was pretty impressive.”

“The staff at PARS were caring and made sure that I was taken care of in a timely manner. I am not in pain anymore and I am able to walk without any problems.”

James is back to work, spending time with his wife and daughter and doing the things he loves. He is completing physical therapy at First Settlement in Marietta, Ohio so he will be ready to hit the golf course come summertime.

Your care is your choice and James chose the team at PARS for his spine care.



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