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Able to be me again

Cecilia Sprouse has lived in Paden City, West Virginia all of her life. Her roots run deep in this area. Cecilia’s entire family lives here, including her children, grandchildren and her parents. She has also been a part of a family business that has helped grow the community since 1972. This is just the beginning of her story.


Cecilia’s husband and her father-in-law started a home improvement business in 1972, which was located in Paden City. With some hard work they were able to turn this into a very successful operation. In 1991, they had the opportunity to expand their business. This expansion included a major shift from home improvement to window manufacturing. This is where Sprouse Windows & Doors was born. At one time, they had a total of 125 employees and were also shipping windows to 12 different states. For a local business from Paden City, that was something to truly be proud of.


In 2009, the business moved to New Martinsville, West Virginia. This was partly because of growth and expansion. Cecilia’s children have been a part of the business for some time and about five years ago, they purchased the business from their parents. Cecilia and her husband “loved working with the people that they worked with,” but were happy to pass the business along to their children. Work is not the only thing that connects Cecilia to her community. These ties extend to the volunteer work that she is a part of. She has been a strong supporter of the Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center. This center aims to help children from Wetzel and Tyler counties heal from abuse. Cecilia currently serves on the board of directors as the vice president. She is very proud of the work that the center is able to do for the children of these communities.


Cecilia has always kept an active lifestyle through her work, volunteering, and time with family. Part of that family time is spent on walks with her husband. They enjoy walking, whether it is here in West Virginia or on the beach in Florida. This high level of activity can sometimes lead to some physical stress. In 2014, this happened to Cecilia. She started to experience back pain that was causing her some pretty serious issues. Her activity level started to change and she was not able to get around like she was used to. The pain included muscle spasms, knee discomfort and even some numbing in her right foot. Cecilia wanted to give pain injections and physical therapy a try in order to alleviate these symptoms. She said that “these forms of alternative treatment worked for a little while until the pain became too severe.”


Dr. Khosrovi explained to Cecilia that she could benefit from a procedure, specifically a lumbar fusion. HK, as most of the patients refer to him as, went over the specifics of the surgery, along with the potential risks, complications and the recovery process. After considering her options, Cecilia made the choice to go ahead with the surgery. Cecilia noticed results right after the surgery. The Doctor came in to see her the day after the surgery and Cecilia said “I can feel my toes!” Cecilia was doing so well after the surgery that she didn’t even need to use any pain medication, not even Tylenol. This was really important to Cecilia because she had been living with the pain and discomfort for so long.


Cecilia talked about her decision to choose PARS for her care. She had been a previous patient of Dr. Khosrovi’s and she felt a sense of comfort. “I couldn’t have asked for better care from the staff and I knew that I would be in good hands.” This really helped make the decision that much easier for Cecilia. The idea of surgery can be scary to some and she obviously felt really good about the care being offered at PARS.

Being able to do the things that she enjoys to do was one of the most important things to Cecilia. This is why she ultimately made her decision to get her care from the team at PARS Brain and Spine Institute. Cecilia is now able to “be active again,” which has made a huge difference in her life. She can now get back to spending time with her family and enjoying those long walks.



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