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Your Care is your Choice

Thomas (Tom) Linder grew up in Nashville, TN. He was the oldest of four children of hard working, loving Parents. As he grew up through grade school and high school he was involved in many church and other various activities. He became an Eagle Scout and enjoyed a normal teenage life. In college he participated in numerous activities including an active role for three years in Student Government. While in college he and a friend started up a folk singing group. Following graduation he purchased a guitar and taught himself to play in order to keep up with his interest in music.


After graduating from college with a BSME degree he went to work with DuPont. His career with DuPont lasted until the end of 2007 with almost 43 years of service. During his time at DuPont he transferred into the MOV for the first time in 1970. It was during that time that he began his involvement with music ministry in the Church which has continued to this day. After four years in Delaware, he returned to the MOV and Washington Works. He has been a resident in West Virginia since. He was privileged to be loaned by DuPont to the start-up of The Polymer Alliance Zone for a period of 27 months. After returning to Washington works in the late nineties he was assigned to the DuPont site at Little Hocking where he finished up his working career.


Tom is married to Natalie. They have a combined family consisting of six children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He and Natalie continue to remain active in the Church and in various other activities. Tom has been a Board Member of The Gabriel Project of West Virginia for the last twenty years.

Over the years, Tom has maintained an active life including many sports endeavors and rigorous, challenging home improvement and yard work activities. In many cases that led to overdoing things and ultimately resulting in some very painful back problems. In 2008 he needed to get help. He learned about Dr. Khosrovi (HK as patients call him) at the PARS Brain and Spine Institute. After the initial consultation, Dr. Khosrovi recommended trying steroid injections to relieve the pain in an effort to avoid surgery. When that therapy did not work out, Dr. Khosrovi performed surgery to replace two degenerated discs in Tom's lower back. Relief was essentially immediate. And after ten physical therapy visits Tom was released to get back to an active lifestyle.


In 2016 Tom started to experience occasional pain in his right leg. It was an on and off type pain. It was really causing Thomas problems when he was trying to stand and play guitar in the church. “My leg would sometimes want to give way on me”. After the issues continued, Tom contacted PARS and after consultation with Sheena Geer, FNP-BC. Sheena ordered the diagnostic tests after an evaluation with Thomas to find out more about what was causing Thomas his issues. The MRI showed two new discs that needed to be repaired. “After speaking with Dr. HK and the team at PARS, it was obvious I needed surgery. I trusted the doctor’s judgement.” Thomas underwent a multilevel posterior lumbar decompression with instrumentation and fusion. “I was very fortunate and blessed that the surgery went well. After rehab, I have been doing very well”.

Tom explained two reasons why he decided to choose Dr. Khosrovi to perform his surgery. A friend from church was having cervical problems and when consulting a doctor outside the area was asked why he would go outside the area when one of the best was located right here. The doctor being referred to was Dr. Khosrovi. Being able to have the surgery locally meant a great deal to Tom as well. “The advantage of being local and having someone like Dr. Khosrovi with the skills he has been blessed with made the decision to have the surgery done here very easy”.


Faith and family are important to Tom. Following his back surgeries he has been able to maintain a normal lifestyle allowing him to continue to be involved with family, Church and community activities. Tom and his wife made a decision not to let the pain stop him from doing the things he loves to do.

Tom is certainly aware of and very thankful for all the Good Lord has provided him throughout his life and for the healing provided through those at PARS.



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