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Non-Surgical Therapy Braces

Pain Relief, Support and Better Posture



Poor posture, kyphosis and other spinal conditions can put force on the back and may cause weakened muscles, fatigue and other painful issues.  However, surgery is not always the best line of treatment in these cases.  To help with these ailments, PARS provides a multitude of pain relief and therapy braces for our patients looking for non-surgical options and approaches for their back pain. 


The nurses and nurse practitioners at PARS have all been extensively trained to size, fit and educate patients for a customized treatment plan.

Outside referring offices can also directly order a brace for their patients and PARS will work to schedule, provide, fit and authorize the brace to ensure a smooth process for the patients.

With questions about bracing, please call our new patient coordinator at 304-865-3651.